Fat Tire Bicycling

You don’t have to limit your biking opportunities to those clear roads and trails.  There are lots of biking 1biking enthusiasts who enjoy biking in all four seasons.  Whether you want to go onto the open roads or enjoy off road experiences on the area trails, opportunities abound in our area.  If you are adventurous and have a fat tire bicycles, your opportunities are limited only by your own imagination.

Link to area bike trails




Cross Country Skiing and Snow Shoeing

The same trails you enjoy during the spring, fall and summer are available for cross country skiing cc skiing 2 and snow shoeing during the winter.  Check out the area parks as well as opportunities at the Lutheran Outdoors Ministry Center and Stronghold for your winter activities.

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Looking for a great sledding hill in Oregon?  You can find one at the north end of Oregon Park West.  Not too long to make the trek back to the top, but long enough and steep enough for children of all ages to enjoy a sledding trip to the bottom.

Link to Oregon Park West



Where there is snow there are snowmobile trails.  The Blackhawk Snowblazers Snowmobile Club has identified several trails in the Oregon area.  Check out their Facebook page for more information, or contact one of their members.  There is also information at the Oregon City Hall regarding allowable trails to follow as you travel through the city of Oregon.