The Illinois Renewable Energy Association is hosting a tour of local solar homes this Saturday, October 5th, from 10am until 3pm.  There is no charge and you can visit any of the sites that are of interest to you.

Discover what it is like to produce your own electricity from the sun or wind.  Find out what it costs to implement an energy saving design and how it might affect the appearance of your property.  Visit with the individuals who have implemented these systems on their own property and have the opportunity to ask them questions regarding the pros and cons of these systems.

Solar Tour participants include:

Bob and Sherry Piros, 4584 S. Chana Rd., Chana  (732-7020)
Victor and Polly Zaderej, 3588 S. Daysville Rd., Oregon
Bob and Sonia Vogl, 1230 E. Honey Creek Rd., Oregon   (732-7332)
Kickapoo Nature Center, 1919 Limekiln Rd., Oregon
David Merrill, 139 Perene, Byron    (234-2530)
Keith and Mary Blackmore, 9024 West Grove Rd., Forreston   (938-3204)
Willem and Claudia Dijstelbergen, 8730 N. Triumph Rd., Leaf River  (738-2853)