The Annual National Solar Tour in North Central Illinois will be held on Saturday, October 6th, from 10:00am until 3:00pm.  Oregon and the Oregon area is heavily represented as well as being one of the most centrally located sites for this year’s tour.  There are five Solar Tour Sites in the Oregon area, representing a variety of passive solar and wind energy installations.

Listed below are the five area locations, the home owners and a brief summary of the type of energy producing installation that you will see:

3588 S. Daysville Rd, Oregon.  Home of Victor and Polly Zaderej.  Super insulated “one-watt” house built on German Passivhaus principles; Solar PV; earth tube.

1230 E Honey Creek Rd., Oregon.  Home of Bob & Sonia Vogel.  Hybrid grid connected photovoltaic & wind powered system with battery backup; stand alone PV installation; Solar greenhouse & hoop house.

1919 N. Limekiln Rd., Oregon.  Kickapoo Nature Center.  Super insulated “one watt” building built on the German Passivhaus principles; Includes earth tube and a roof heating system monitored by Oak Ridge Lab.

139 Perene, Byron.  David Merrill.  Hybrid photovoltaic & wind power system with battery backup.  Merrill is a PV installer.

8730 Triump Rd., Leaf River.  Willem & Claudia Dijstelbergen.  Home built inverter and is building a wind generator.  This site is open only until 1:00pm.

For more info check out the Solar Tour website ………….