Our Community

Oregon is situated on the banks of the scenic Rock River at the intersection of Route 2 and Route 64.

Located in the Central Time Zone, at an elevation of 709 feet above sea level , latitude 42.015 N and longitude of  89.332 W, Oregon serves as the county seat of Ogle County in northwest Illinois.  The population according to the 2010 census is 3,721.

Oregon has a wonderful history of art in the community, highlighted by the statue of Black Hawk overlooking the Rock River Valley.  Created by sculptor Lorado Taft, the statue was completed in  1911.  The Art Gallery of the Oregon Library is home to several pieces of art from the Eagles Nest Art Colony of which Taft was a member.  In addition, the Sculpture Trail and Fields Project serve to further enhance our art legacy into the present day.

Surrounded by three state parks and a state forest, in addition to having 10 city parks and the Rock River, recreation serves as an integral part of our community’s benefits to residents and visitors alike.  Whether you enjoy boating, fishing, hiking, camping or just viewing the joys that nature has to offer, Oregon is a good place to put on your map.